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Virtual & In-Person Programs

From STEM to Safe Routes, anti-vaping to academic motivation, we have something for everyone. Explore our programs to learn about the virtual and in-person services we offer, including assemblies, songwriting workshops, service learning projects, and PSA contests.

How Our Music Helps in the Classroom

Raises Test Scores

Combined with a strong academic program, Music Notes projects help to increase student test scores. Over half of the students in our first focus group increased their state standardized test scores by 10 points or more and 35% had their overall performance band improve.

Ready To Use

Our educational music is a quick, simple way to enhance any classroom lesson right away. Teachers can play a song or video related to what they are teaching and students will have a catchy melody to help them remember key concepts.

Common Core Aligned

Our songs and videos are a unique, engaging way to review and reinforce concepts for students of all learning styles. Our latest projects align to Common Core math standards, which are listed on our printable song lyrics that are available to download for free.


For only $20 per year, our Music Notes Unlimited subscription allows for unlimited video streaming from our entire educational music library, 24/7. A subscription gives you access to every Music Notes song in our library plus all new songs we create in the future.

What Others Are Saying About Us

Lamar and David were charismatic, approachable, and highly entertaining performers, easily winning over the children in the audience with their humor and smiles. I highly recommend hiring Music Notes to come to your district and inspire both students and teachers with their educational songs and music videos.

Stephanie RossDistrict Math Specialist, Oakland USD

I was delighted to see our students celebrate academics and even homework during the assembly. The one hour presentation integrated algebra lessons, pop quizzes, and songs—captivating our middle school audience. It was an ideal way to reward our students for their hard work and still keep the focus on academic achievement.

Andy HilbertAssistant Principal, Andrew Carnegie Middle School

All the teachers I spoke with thoroughly appreciated your presentation and the materials they received, and they plan to implement aspects of the PD in their respective classrooms. The Math teachers especially benefited from the individual conversations you had with them and appreciate your willingness to support them with further questions that they may have.

Ogochi Okoye Johnson, Ph.D.Dean of Academics, Magnolia Science Academy

I'm in Mr. Bledsoe's homeroom and we love your music!!! I hear people singing your songs in the hallway all the time 🙂


Mr. Q‑U‑E u r a BEAST!!!! Because of you I can actually have math in my head on the weekends. And I luv how u make raps and songs to catch the attention of a younger audience. U R the best!!!!


Music Notes is modeling one of our 21st century skills - creativity in mathematics education. I can see teachers inspired by Music Notes taking some of the math concepts that Common Core standards will allow us to develop deeper learning around - e.g. the infamous fractions - and weaving the tales of the concepts into song/rap/dance.

Lisa Usher StattsPresident Elect, California Math Council, Los Angeles, CA
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