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More Anti-Vaping Videos

Assembly Preview

We use songs, videos, facts, and figures to teach about the dangers of vaping and smoking. Before watching the full show, check out this preview of our virtual assembly.

"Vape Chemicals" Song

Is vaping and smoking the same? Different? More dangerous? Less dangerous? Listen and hear about chemicals found in both vape products and cigarettes then decide for yourself.

"No Smoke" Song

Join Mr. Q-U-E and Mr. D in making the pledge to live a healthy life by avoiding tobacco and staying smoke free.

"Say No To Vapes" Song

Every movement needs a theme song. This song encourages youth to resist temptation as we expose the vaping industry.

Anti-Vaping Songwriting Workshop

With the help of Music Notes artists, students across the country have written their own anti-vaping songs. Why don't you try writing your own song?

"Don't Smoke" Student Video Recording

Not only have we helped students write their own songs; we've even recorded anti-vaping music videos for students. Check out these students at Aspire Community School.

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