Songwriting Workshops

We teach songwriting to students of all ages: no music experience necessary.

With the help of Music Notes artists, students across the country have written their own songs on topics ranging from anti-vaping to bike helmet safety. Scroll down to see some examples of our songwriting workshops, both in the classroom and online!

Students from 2021/2022 Workshops:

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Highlights From Songwriting Workshops

Songwriting Workshop Example #1

With the help of Music Notes artists, students can create songs to promote your school's anti-tobacco messages.

Songwriting Workshop Example #2

Imagine your students creating TUPE songs, then your student body celebrating like the end of this performance.

Songwriting Workshop Example #3

Mr. Q-U-E helps a student add meaning to her lyrics and Mr. D helps another group craft a catchy hook.

Songwriting Workshop Example #4

No musical experience is needed! Anyone can participate in our songwriting workshops.

Songwriting Workshop Example #5

Use our Songwriting Workshop to set the stage for a schoolwide student showcase

Songwriting Workshop Example #6

Youth conferences provide great energy for our Songwriting Workshops.

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