Student Songwriting Contest – Volume 4

Listen to student songs created from our Music Notes songwriting workshops, then vote for your favorite. Or submit your own song!

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Ready to Vote?

Only one vote is allowed per visitor. We encourage you to check out all the songs before casting your vote. Any student found to be submitting invalid votes (fictitious names or email addresses, etc.) may be subject to disqualification.

Q: I just submitted my song. When will it appear here?

A: Songs will be screened by the Music Notes Review Committee to check for appropriateness, accuracy of information, and meeting of minimum requirements. Once approved, songs will appear on voting page within 48 hours.

Q: I don’t see my song on this page. Where did my song go?

A: After one week, if your song has not received enough votes to be in the top 20, we may remove your song to make room for other entries. So make sure to tell your family, friends and classmates to vote for your song!