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As a 6th grade language arts/social studies teacher, I get the opportunity to incorporate the Music Notes videos and lyrics with my students during our study skills class. This allows me to enforce what they've learned in their math class in a fun and exciting new way. I can see how students who might be shy to ask for help feel comfortable reviewing the lyrics and memorizing the songs, which means they are actually memorizing the steps to a problem. They've enjoyed the videos so much, they've asked me to share them with their math teacher.

Olga Maye6th grade teacher, Los Angeles, CA

I just have to say thank you!! I teach 4th grade, and the order of operations can be difficult. I found your rap last year, and they loved it! I just started the unit again, and they can't stop singing it!! They crack up when they see Aunt Sally dance...they didn't even realize they knew the words until they started solving problems!! Once again, your creation has touched my students! Thank you!! I can't wait to get my hands on more of your work!

Kristina Grimes4th grade teacher, Georgia

I love your music! I teach 4th grade and have used your PEMDAS song to help my class and they loved it! Months later they are still asking if I can put it on for them to sing with. I would love for you to do something on long division!! lol!! Thanks for using your creativity to teach all over the world!

Amanda Plummer Buchannan4th grade teacher, Buchanan, NC

I use the videos to introduce and reinforce a math concept I am teaching, and my 7th graders absolutely love it! The lyrics and the videos draw my students in!

Nyesha Philpot7th grade teacher, Los Angeles, CA

Having music in class can help students pay attention more because most kids love listening to music, so having something kids like while they’re learning can be positive. When I am in class listening to the songs they really help me.

Tony M.9th grade student, Los Angeles, CA

I really, really enjoy the music! It’s fun, entertaining, and very helpful. It inspired me to try harder because the words said it all.

Whitney P.9th grade student, Los Angeles, CA

Hey Mr. QUE I'm a student teacher at a middle school in TX. Someone showed me your PEMDAS video on teacher tube. It was GREAT!! I still have that tune stuck in my head "O-O-O Order Of Operations."

Kamilah Reedstudent teacher, Houston, TX

I came across Mr. Q-U-E's slope-intercept video on YouTube. I first shared with my 7th graders. I used some Literacy First ideas during the video. [I picked key words out of the video and made large flash cards. The students were to listen for their words and raise the flash card up high (over head) when they heard their word. Also, I modeled with several words. Because we are an AVID school, I made everyone a flash card with ""notes"". I love the last part of the song... I mentioned to our AVID teacher that we should use this part as like a theme song for our AVID class.] After watching the video, we went over the vocabulary words. This is a great way to hook them before slope-intercept form is introduced (or as a way to wrap it up). More than a month later, I still have students singing the slope-intercept rap. I LOVE it!

Lori Ordway7th grade math teacher

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