Something we hear all the time from teachers across grade levels is how much students struggle with fractions. Our new Fractions album is the perfect solution for that problem!

Grades 4-9
Math Music

Track List

  1. Understanding Fractions (CCSS 3.NF3)
  2. Fractions On a Number Line (CCSS 3.NF.A.2)
  3. Fractions (CCSS 3.NFa and CCSS 4.NS 1.5)
  4. Equivalent Fractions Feat. Ms. Co (CCSS 4.NF1)
  5. Simplifying Fractions (CCSS 3.NF 3.b)
  6. Comparing Fractions (CCSS 4.NF2)
  7. Multiply and Divide Fractions (CCSS 6.NSA.1)
  8. Add and Subtract Fractions (CCSS 5.NAF 1)
  9. Improper Fractions (CCSS 5.NS 2.3)
  10. Fractions To Decimals (CCSS 7.NAS2.0)
  11. Respect

“Fractions a/b

Numerator ‘a’ denominator ‘b’

‘b’ is the number of equal parts.

‘a’ is the number of shaded parts.”

 —Mr. D, “Fractions”

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