Mr. Q‑U‑E might be a middle school teacher by day, but that didn’t stop him from recording an album for younger students.

Grades K-2
Math Music

Track List

  1. Good Morning (Intro)
  2. Welcome to Kindergarten (Interlude)
  3. I Can Count
  4. Add and Subtract by 5
  5. Groups of 1 (By Mr. D)
  6. Basic Measurement
  7. Shapes
  8. Location
  9. Welcome to 1st Grade (Interlude)
  10. Equality (By Mr. D)
  11. Find the Missing Number
  12. 10’s and 1’s
  1. Addition Using Regrouping
  2. 10 More/10 Less
  3. Quarters and Halves
  4. Welcome to 2nd Grade (Interlude)
  5. Place Value
  6. Comparing Numbers
  7. Multiples
  8. Welcome to 2nd Grade (Interlude)
  9. Money
  10. Time
  11. I Did My Homework
  12. I Hope You Learned A Lot (Recap)

“If you did your homework,

then say I did my homework.

I did my homework! I did my homework!”

 —Mr. Q-U-E, “I Did My Homework”

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